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Creative problem solving.

Every organization has a goal. It could be to gain more customers, sales, exposure, employees, you name it. Whatever your goals are, it's up to me to help you achieve them in the digital realm. This begins with a process of discovering needs, creating a strategy, and executing that strategy. This is what takes your business to new heights. This is what Helium does.

The Process


What are the needs of the company and the users? Who are we targeting? These are just a couple vital questions coming out of the discovery phase. Like a moon landing mission, we need to look at things from both a macro and micro perspective to implement a proper strategy to success.


Design deals with the aesthetics, but it doesn't stop there. It determines how a product works. This is where we implement Interaction Design, Information Architecture and get down to wireframes and mockups. It sets the stage for development and acts as a guide going forward.


This is the step where we start to make the process more concrete. Taking the mockups and prototypes from the design phase and implementing them with code. This is the point in the process where the project becomes more tangible by appearing in the browser and really shaping up.

The Person

Nice to meet you.

My name is Kevin, and I'm a freelance web developer in Grand Rapids, MI. It's my job to meet both the goals of your business and the goals of the users to create a solution that is functional, fun and enjoyable. I have been doing web design and development for the past five years and have a passion for user experience design.

Beyond that, I am an avid Red Wings and Griffins fan (read: huge hockey fan). I enjoy listening to music, spending time with friends and visiting the many breweries Grand Rapids has to offer.

Recent Work

Anne Stachura

“Ever since high school I’ve loved Spanish. I had a teacher, Senor Millar, who really loved the language and teaching and that rubbed off on me for sure,” Dr. Stachura explains. “I pursued the study of Spanish language in my undergrad and I loved it, and knew

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