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Anne Stachura

“Ever since high school I’ve loved Spanish. I had a teacher, Senor Millar, who really loved the language and teaching and that rubbed off on me for sure,” Dr. Stachura explains. “I pursued the study of Spanish language in my undergrad and I loved it, and knew that’s the path I was going to take.”

Dr. Stachura would be best described as a lifelong learner. As a child, she was reading books well above her grade level and winning Science Olympiad medals. This behavior of constant learning brought her into the University of Michigan, where she initially studied pre-med, a topic which had always interested her.

“I’d always been interested in the medical field and that’s where my undergrad study began. A year in I decided that I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I’d hoped. The passion for the study just wasn’t there,” she said.

But there was a passion in Spanish language. And that’s where her journey continued.

“It was like riding a bike, I got right back into it,” Dr. Stachura says with a smile. “And I loved traveling and learning more about the language and cultures firsthand.”

Her first immersion in the Spanish language did not happen in Central or South America. It began in the Dominican Republic, and it wasn’t long before she went to the Peace Corps to help the locals and to immerse herself further in the culture. The love for Spanish language and Latin American culture grew.

“I just kept traveling, kept learning and loved every minute of it,” she said. “And I ended up becoming a professor of Spanish Language.”

Dr. Stachura went from being the Director of the Medical Spanish program at the University of Texas Pan American and then moved to Virginia to head the Spanish Language department at a private school in Lynchburg. Her constant activity in the educational field made an updatable site a necessity.

“One particular thing that is important to me, is to be able to show my CV,” she told me. “I would also like an ‘upcoming talks and presentations’ section.” Another very important part of her work and her personal study is her travels and discoveries, which she wanted to share with people. So, we went forward and built something befitting of her needs.

The Solution

When you land on, the first thing you will see is her upcoming talks and presentations, which is user friendly because it’s news and information about Dr. Stachura at a glance. Her Research page links out to her full CV, which we had decided worked better as hosts all her works in one place. Lastly, we equipped the site with a blog so she could share all of her adventures with the world.

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