Barre fitness, Detroit style.

Detroit Barre

Located off E. Jefferson in downtown Detroit is Detroit Barre, a Barre fitness and studio in the heart of the city. Barre fitness is becoming an increasingly popular form of exercise, strengthening and toning core muscles. The fitness regimen incorporates mainly the same exercise and poses as dancers do. As its popularity blossomed, the need for a studio in Detroit was realized.

In order to gain exposure, the management of Detroit Barre needed a digital presence. It was important that interested consumers could come to the site and get information on Barre fitness, as it was a newer phenomenon and likely something that potential customers would have questions about. It was also crucial that potential visitors could sign up for a session or choose a package that suits them and their fitness needs. Helium went about creating a site that served all these needs.

First, the site needed a section to address questions that may come up for this groundbreaking new exercise movement. We accomplished this with a simple FAQ page, where users could ease their minds, educate themselves and learn about how Detroit Barre works. They also would need a way to discover the prices for different packages, and could do so by using the Classes & Rates page to see what classes and exercise packages are available to them. Lastly, they needed to be able to sign up. Detroit Barre management uses a scheduling app and wanted to stick with that, so we decided to link to that for the facilitation of signups.

The site uses a customized WordPress Theme, and was a great decision for the budget. We were able to cut costs while keeping user processes and needs simple. Detroit Barre now has a web presence where their customers can learn about Barre, sign up for new classes and stay up-to-date on all the latest Detroit Barre news.

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