Helium is a digital creative agency focused on branding, web design and web development.

Small studio, big ideas.

Helium Creative Studio is a one-man creative studio located in Howell, MI. Helium elevates brands through creative services including logo creation, web design, web development and digital marketing. We work with large businesses and small, for-profits and non-profits alike.

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We work with a range of clients in a variety of industries, crafting creative solutions that meet goals.

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A process that focuses on strategy first, results later.

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What are the needs of the company and the users? Who are we targeting? These are just a couple vital questions coming out of the discovery phase. Like a moon landing mission, we need to look at things from both a macro and micro perspective to implement a proper strategy to success.


Design deals with the aesthetics, but it doesn’t stop there. It determines how a product works. This is where we implement Interaction Design, Information Architecture and get down to wireframes and mockups. It sets the stage for development and acts as a guide going forward.


This is the step where we start to make the process more concrete. Taking the mockups and prototypes from the design phase and implementing them with code. At this point in the process, the project becomes more tangible by appearing in the browser and really shaping up.


This is where we push the big red button and your organization makes its digital debut. The process does not stop there, however; the deployment stage has us determining whether all of our goals were met, and evaluating measurable metrics to understand where we land.

Kevin did an amazing job! His attention to detail as well as his extensive knowledge of cutting edge web functionality really took our website to the next level. I would highly recommend Helium!

Kathryn Wandrie
Chef / Owner, KC Catering

Kevin surpassed our expectations as he integrated WordPress, WooCommerce and GoDaddy for our website. If you want a company that is quick, affordable and will build a web site you can be proud of, Helium should be first on your list.

Dan Hugelier
CMC, Owner Wildseason

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Every organization has goals. Sometimes they need help when it comes to the digital realm, and that’s where we come in. Big or small company, doesn’t matter. We’re here to help.